FSBO - What you need to consider.

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How do I set the listing price?

Although this sounds easy, most homeowners are pretty far off on the current value of their homes. Either too high or too low. If a home is priced too high, you may not get anyone interested in the home because qualified buyers will move on to other properties. Price the home too low and you are missing out and losing possible money. An experienced Realtor understands how to determine the listing price by understanding current market trends and is able to research similar home sales in the area to come up with a good listing price. Starting off at the proper listing price is important. There are companies that advertise buying your home for cash outright with a quick close. The problem is they pay way under market value. This is completely legal, but homeowners can lose out on 10s of thousands of dollars. These companies or people are doing this so they can make a quick buck.

How do I understand on how to market my home in the digital age?

We live in a new era of online everything. It is very important to cover all aspects of marketing your home to make sure all potential buyers get a chance to see your listing in a professional way. It is still true today that first impressions are extremely important. An experienced Realtor can get your listing on all of the MLS (Multiple Listing Services) such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Homes.com, etc. along with multi-media on Facebook and YouTube. All of this will increase your chances of getting your listing in front of potential buyers.

How do I understand and Negotiate Offers?

This is where the complicated paperwork comes in. Real estate offers to purchase can be lengthy and contain legal terms which might be confusing. A seasoned Realtor can explain the offer to make sure if is fair for all parties.

How do I avoid scams?

Unfortunately we live in a world where not everyone is honest. Not everyone has your best interest in mind. This is especially true in real estate transactions. There are many forms of scams out there. There are people that will set up an appointment to see a listing to gain access to the house to see if there is anything worth stealing and come back later to break in when no one is home. Some are so crafty as to unlock a window for later. Realtors are much better at screening people to make sure they are pre-qualified for a loan or have legitimate proof of funds to purchase the homes they are showing, adding an extra level of safety.

If I hire a realtor, are the fees or percentages negotiable?


What are the different tiers of service?

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